Welcome Back!

Welcome to my site!!

I hope you enjoy your visit, and understand that at the end of the day this blog is to inspire, empathize, and if warranted provide comfort. Blogging was never my thing, but I realized that I just was not writing about the things that I like. Education, life, and experiences are all things I like–so naturally, that is what I will write about.

My experiences have shaped who I am, inside and out. I regret nothing, and embrace the opportunities that I have been afforded. This blog will be a recollection of my life and its experiences. All of these are from my heart and mind, and sometimes will reflect my opinions. No worries though! As much as I am steadfast in my views, I am also very open-minded and love to have a dialogue with people.

Remember that no matter what reason why you have ventured on this blog, embrace the challenges, rewards, and efforts you have made in your life. Remember that you got to this point, and that is so beautiful!

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