On Saturday, February 5, 2017, I was given the amazing and humbling opportunity to attend a protest in our nation’s capital regarding a series of unlawful and unjust Executive Orders signed by Donald Trump.

My two friends asked me if I wanted to go less than one week to the protest. The funny thing is that I did not hesitate to say yes. Five years ago, my response might have been different; possibly even the opposite. What I attended was not just a protest, but a fight for equal treatment, love, respect, and rights on the most basic form thinkable: Human Rights.

So my adventure begins as we meet as a group to discuss the day’s plans. Soon after we hit the road!! The Metro ride was definitely something for the memory books.

The protest itself was so humbling and endearing that I cannot describe the feeling in words. Instead of trying to explain myself in words, let me show you in pictures what thousands of people fighting for one cause looks like.

Be open. Be kind. Be loving.




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