Knowing When

There can be a lot of things attached to the phrase “knowing when”. Knowing when to stop, knowing when to fight back, knowing when to love, etc. As a college student, the “knowing when” battle exists in every cross-section of our identities. We are students while simultaneously being adults, or caregivers, or employees, or anything. 

We live in a world full of little challenges that happen to us every day, but the “knowing when” battle is one of the few that can never be won; simply because it is not a battle, it is a war. 

Nothing is ever perfect. People have good days and people have bad days. That is what makes us, well us. Biologically speaking, we have theee major principles: To maintain homeostasis, fight off our enemies, and make sure our gene pool is carried on to the next generation. Socially speaking, our main goal is to find true acceptance. We live and breathe at the cross-section of what drives us, so when we fall, we fall hard. 

Falling sucks and it hurts because we never want to admit we did, but we face the inevitable truth of learning to accept that we have to get back up again. Knowing when to get back up is the biggest battle in the KW (“knowing when”) war. Live the best life possible and live for you, even if that means falling down a few times. 

It sucks falling. It sucks failing. It sucks losing. It sucks not having. It sucks not living, but when we recognize we have fallen, we can get back up and win, because that is what we do. We fight. 

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