In statistics, a line is said to have good fit when there is an equal distribution of scores on either side of the line. Having a good fit is important in life, whether it is school, personal life, work, or otherwise.

Having good fit means a lot of things; the most important recognizing that whatever has good fit benefits your life in more ways than one. One of the biggest adventures in trying to find “fit” is when looking at post-undergraduate schooling. For many, a degree beyond a Bachelor’s Degree is needed to be a professional in the field. Higher Education and Student Affairs is no exception. Most entry-level positions in HESA require a Master’s or above in some area of relevant work like Counseling Education, Higher Education Administration, Post-Secondary Studies, etc.

When thinking about graduate school, it is very similar to the process for choosing your undergraduate experience. Fit matters, especially in advanced degree programs. There is nothing worse than going to an institution that may seem like an A+ on paper, but an F in practice. When applying to my undergraduate experience, I never thought I would end up 300 miles away from home experiencing something totally different than my home experience. Sure, it is rash to say that the school back home was not a good fit, but my current undergraduate school is better! Better for me, better for my development, and better as a holistic tool to help me improve myself personally, academically, and professionally.

Being in a place that makes you feel good is important, and necessary to have a fulfilling experience. Nothing makes me more mad when people say they stayed in some place simply because they did not feel like changing. Not being in a place that fits affects stress levels, happiness, motivation, and so many other factors of the human experience.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude” -Maya Angelou

So take it from the statistics. The more equal the distribution of scores are on either side of the line, the better the fit is said to be. When it fits, every aspect of the person feels good, validated, important, seen, heard, etc.. Why would we not want to feel like this every single moment of every single day?


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