“When doors close, windows open” was the phrase that I heard after I found out that the internship at an Ivy League school was not going to happen over the summer. Little did I know that this phrase would carry true, and would be the beginning of an amazing journey of growth and happiness. Little did I know, that I needed to have the faith that all my friends, family, and mentors had. They knew something amazing was about to happen, but I just did not believe them. Little did I know…

When an Ivy League turns you down, it hurts. It stings, and it feels as if you have been demoted to something less than human. The mentality of “Oh I got an interview, I should feel special” is completely valid, but comes with the reality that it could result in you not getting that job, internship, or place in a cohort.

To no one’s surprise, when an arguably better Ivy League offers you a position you take, and that is exactly what I did. I feel great, on Cloud 9, as if I am soaring above everything. Honestly, I still do not think it hit me that I am actually going to spend my summer at an institution that Nobel Laureates and world-renowned professionals have experienced.

Needless to say  I am pumped. Nervous, but pumped. I am excited for this new adventure, and blessed for the people in my life who have supported me since Day 1. Here is to an amazing rest of the year and an exciting start to a novel journey.


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