Duty is a love-hate relationship. Part of me enjoys the socialization and routine that it brings, but the other part of me regrets me pulling out my notebook when a resident comes out of their room stumbling with a 40 ounce in their hands.

The best type of duty night is when all is quiet, so you can focus on you, and getting your life together. After the week I have had, I spent most of my duty night cleaning, organizing, and online window shopping. Is it the most exciting way to spend a Friday night? Not at all, but who said Fridays had to be all exciting all the time?

At Stevenson, our duty schedule is based on area, so I have duty with the same 16 RAs the whole year. Most of the time, we get into routines with the same people doing the same duty days.

As I sit here typing up this post, my duty night is officially over. After a long week of work, quizzes, projects, and other academic hooplah, it is a great relief to have the weekend.

Duty Meme


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