The Edge

Living on the edge can be something of a wild ride. At the same time, living on the edge can send us into a constant state of arousal that we lose track of the things happening around us. 

It is always good to be on the edge, but the edge allows us to look at our comfort zones and say “No I got this. I am going beyond it”. Not only does going to this edge facilitate development as leaders, it also indicates to others that we are willing to go beyond ourselves to benefit a common goal. We see this happen a lot in capacities that do not necessarily come with a textbook. For example, as RAs we handle incident response. We get training for two weeks on it, but it does not mean we know how to address it. This is one of the MANY edges that we encounter in our capacity as an RA. 

Other jobs have different edges, but we all must be aware that everyone has their own edge. Transparency and communication are key to making sure that everyone feels good with the decisions they are about to make. Meeting people where they are is one thing, but sometimes just sometimes you have to make them go a little further.

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