Winding Down

April means that the semester is coming to a close, and that the breakdown of Residence Life is among you. Closing time is always hectic regardless of where you are, and the sheer amount of work that you have to do between now and move-out just keeps getting higher. From finals to packing to cleaning to living, everything can seem like a blur.

Tonight, I thought that I would just stay to myself and catch up on some sleep, but I found myself bonding with members of my staff while making our banner for our area event next week. Not only was this a refreshing change of pace, but it made me happy to be in this position. For two hours, my mind was not in school-mode, or helper mode, or human mode; it was in just live-mode, and it was blissful.

Remember to take that time to just re-energize yourself in whatever way you want to. Normally, I do not refresh with people, but this time was different. It was a good different, and confirms the fact that I am growing. I am growing as a human, a person, a soon-to-be-professional, and as someone who wants to see positive change happen. It was nice to just be present for two hours. Now I must sleep.

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