The Lessons We Learn

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently” -Maya Angelou

We are born and we learn that crying calls for our protectors. We are toddlers and learn that we have the autonomy and strength to do things on our own. When we are in school we learn an array of information from graphing quadratic functions to examining the symbolism behind Toni Morrison’s Beloved. Through it all, we learn lessons upon lessons on how to deal with life, and the goals we seek to accomplish.

The lessons we learn have an impact on the routes and roads we travel within life’s ever great expanse of complex turns and dead-ends. Each lesson with its own individual goal seeks to lessen the burden of going through life alone.

The lessons we learn are of our identity. They create us, define us, and re-create us when we need to. We all have these expectations of ourselves, and what we want in life. Lessons may seem unexpected, but actually allow us to continue in the direction that we need to go. Sometimes, these lessons are not what we wanted, but are exactly what we need.

Perhaps, the most valuable lessons that we learn are the ones we did not expect to find. Perhaps finding the independence to be our true selves, or remove ourselves from toxic people is the most valuable lesson we can find. It almost, if not always, presents itself in a seemingly negative way, but the benefits of finding our identity to break from the boundaries that hold us back far outweigh that initial discomfort.

Lessons are learned every single day we live on this planet. These lessons are arbitrary and fundamental to our identities. Each lesson we encounter, we learn because at that point in time, it is exactly what we needed.

In my almost twenty-one years on this Earth, the most important lesson I have learned is not to lose myself in what I encounter. Always maintain yourself in what you go through in your life. Everything you encounter affects you in the way that you want it to. If positivity is what you want, then positivity is what you shall get! Having the courage to continue even in the most stressful times is what sets you apart from other people. The lessons we learned got us to this point, right now! Remember, you are worth it!

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