Hi Friends!

As I sit in my room on this lovely rainy May night, I think about the endless reading I have to do for my training in August. Not that the reading itself is endless, but when someone passionate in their field uses a book tailored to that field, their mind goes rampant with ideas, ways to grow, and ideas that better the world, and the communities they work with the most.

This summer we are tasked with reading Are You Fully Charged?. The author is none other than Tom Rath, the author and genius of How Full is Your Bucket?. These two books have drastically changed my life when it comes to my perceptions of myself and those I work with, live with, and laugh with.

As a Senior Resident Assistant, I am also tasked with coordinating and presenting trainings! I think training is an excellent way to not only collaborate with your fellow RAs or CAs, but to reflect on why the materials are so important.

These are the types of RAs that exist (at least the types that I have seen): 1. RAs who go above and beyond consistently, 2. RAs who do the bare minimum (and I mean the BARE minimum), and 3. The RAs that do their jobs well. The point is that these readings and training should benefit EVERYONE. Why? Because no one is perfect, and they benefit the normal person.

So, as the thunder cracks above me, I love the fact that we are challenged to be better people. Keep that in mind when it comes to your trainings. Time to keep my own advice in mind nineteen days from now!


Perceptions of a Resident Assistant

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