We as Americans live in a world of uncertainty. For decades, people all across the world have envied Americans for their freedom to do as they wish. For many Americans, this luxury is unattainable. I rarely write political posts, but when I do, I do it for a reason. We have a generation of future leaders of the free world willing and ready to fight to make a difference. The current administration fails to recognize the work already being done. By silencing, manipulating, and flat-out denying the press its right to report on what actually happens, society is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

The administration fails to follow social graces, why should the American public? Lots of people refuse to recognize the current president as their own. They have that right. As a Democrat, I understand the struggle of not feeling supported or even cared about by our current administration. I am unsure of what will happen in the future. Just today, the administration pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement. This will most likely affect our world, our planet, and our future forever.

The reality of the situation is that the actions being taken by the administration are not strange, absurd, or uncommon for that matter. We sensationalized the current president by fully marketing his campaign. He used Twitter as a platform to reach millions of people. He did not need advertisements, he had us–myself included.

Every day, thousands if not millions of people fight back against the current administration. They exercise their right to protest in a peaceful manner. The current administration has essentially given us no other choice. As someone who attended and participated in a protest, I can say that it was not only a heartwarming experience, it was something surreal. The statement “stronger together” never made more sense in that instance.

What the next three and a half years will bring is uncertain. It will surely bring headaches and frustration, but beyond politics, the next three and a half years will bring laughter, new experiences, and opportunities to become better people. We must not forget that. We can fight back as much as we want, but we must also remember to live. There is so much to live for–think about the future, but always remember to live in the present.

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