Harvard’s Badass Decision

For many, going to college is an amazing opportunity for us to shine. Thousands if not millions of doors open in terms of employment, classes, friends, and everything in between. 

For some, however, college is seen as a just another platform to be a negative Nancy of society. Harvard recently pulled the acceptance of ten students due to their social media presence. Their reasoning: Because they did not reflect the morals and maturity that Harvard prides itself on having in their students.

I am so proud of this university and am even more excited for my internship in a few short weeks. Harvard is perhaps one of the most notable institutions in this country, and perhaps the world. People from literally all over the world come to attend this prestigious and glorious university. People so often demand respect, but refuse to give it, which is what exactly happened in this instance. 

Harvard has now set a standard for this nonsense. Talking about child abuse, sexual assault, and racism is not frowned upon. Many dialogues surrounding these topics must happen, but to make light of it representing a university with such clout is downright ignorant. 

As RAs, we are told we live in a fishbowl and everyone is constantly watching us. Going to a highly respected school bears the same challenge. Everything you do you represent your school. Make good choices children as it will most definitely come back to bite you should you get caught. 

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