Here We Go!

Sunday is fun day. And move-in day. And the start of one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. Sunday, I move into my space at Harvard University, which is where my internship this summer is! 

I have been waiting for this day since February when I was offered the position. Honestly, it is a little bittersweet. I loved spending time with my family this summer as opposed to last summer where I was working the whole time. It was a nice change of pace, and it was something I looked forward to. 

So, as I leave in three days, I am prefacing and speaking the following into existence–not because I am afraid they will not happen, but because I intend to make them happen.

 First, I will have an amazing time and make friends that will last a lifetime. So many of us have started the foundations of a great friendship. I am so excited for the late night talks, vent sessions, and GRE practice groups that are bound to happen. 
Second, I will not try and be perfect. The past two years I have struggled with trying to be perfect in everything I do. I am tired of being tired after endless tries of making something as perfect as it can be. I did my best and that is all that matters. This role is dynamic, fluid, and ever-changing. I always have to be aware of that. 

Last but not least, I will learn as much as I can. Higher Education requires the passion to constantly learn. My supervisors tell me on the daily (sometimes more than once if I am being stubborn) that every experience is a learning experience–it all is defined by my perception. 

So those are my goals for this experience.i am bound to accomplish them but just in case I am feeling a little down, here is me speaking them into existence because trangibility creates accountability. Here goes nothing!!

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