You heard that right. What on Earth is a Matherite? Well, a Matherite is someone who lives in Mather House, one of Harvard’s many on-campus living facilities. 

Mather House is not your typical Harvard house, or Ivy League house for that matter, but it is absolutely amazing! Mather House is a characterized by its concrete exterior, and building like structure. On the inside is an art gallery, a library, one of Harvard’s best dining halls, and beyond plentiful rooms to study, relax, and enjoy the college life. 

Not only is it an interesting looking building, it comes with the luxury of being the farthest away from Harvard Yard when it comes to the Charles River Houses. It is a beautiful walk, and is 9 minutes and 0.5 miles via your feet. 

As I get more details about this exciting adventure, I am more and more ready for Boston!! See you Sunday, Boston!