T-Minus 1 Day

Tomorrow I start my adventure! As I am beginning and finishing to pack (nothing like procrastination), I am super excited and ready for the 1.5 hour drive up to Boston tomorrow at some ridiculously early time.

My parents may just be more excited than I am. As much as I am grateful and happy for the time I have spent with them, they are so used to living their lives with me in Maryland. They have their own routines, as do I, and I think all three of us are ready for our lives to become “normal” again.

Tomorrow will be filled with happiness, anxiety, nervousness, and excitement–more than likely all of them occurring at once. New adventures, new friends, and new learning experiences await me at Harvard, and this guy is ready for all of them.

In addition to Harvard, RA Training officially started this week. We are trying something new and doing some modules on Blackboard. With the reflections on the book, packing, and getting ready for this new chapter of my life, so much self-alignment and reflection is happening right now.

See you tomorrow Boston!

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