Day 2 In The Books

out Day 2 has officially come to a close. With a long day of training behind me, tomorrow comes the nitty gritty, and by nitty gritty I mean the fun stuff about the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures. Today was a good day considering the blisters on my feet. Word of advice if you ever get new shoes: Do not break them in by walking around Boston. After taking care of that situation, it was a pretty productive day.

We broke out into our sub-staffs, and I am so happy to be working with the group I am in. Our RD is fantastic, and I am so looking forward to the amazing memories we will all make this summer.

Today’s excursions included a more detailed walk through the Yard, and was a great chance to view the Widener Memorial Library, the second largest library in the United States. It seemed like it never ended. I will be sure to check it out. I have come to the conclusion that Boston is really a melting pot of a lot of different people, places, and things to do. Stevenson’s campus has its own charm, and I truly love it, but being at Harvard provides a tremendous different perspective that is not only amazing to experience, but beneficial as well. The day ended with a bunch of us working on our door decorations and watching The Bachelorette in a common room of Mather House.

I am looking forward for Day 3, and am excited for the amazing opportunities this experience brings! That is all for now. Time for sleep to refresh for tomorrow’s adventures.

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