With training coming to a close as of tomorrow, so far this journey has been nothing short of exciting! For the past five days, I have immersed myself in the culture of Boston, and have acquired a new sense for what it means to be someone in Higher Education. As I sit here writing this post in the middle of Dunster House’s Courtyard, I am so grateful for everyone who has continually supported me nonstop, and made me see why I was destined to be in the position.

After doing BCDs (Behind Closed Doors) today, I truly recognized how special this population of people is. The best of the best is coming to us, and we are tasked with making sure their experience is a fantastic one. If that is not pressure, then I have no clue what is. What is mind-boggling to me is that five days ago, I had so many doubts about myself in this position. Now, I sit here ready for the adventures to come, and the memories that I will surely make.

As this is an internship, we have so many opportunities to make memories beyond the actual work itself. Aside from your typical PD, the Professional Staff go above and beyond to help us fit in to where we want to be 2-3 years down the line.

I have no doubt that this experience will be a challenge, but I am also very certain that this experience will be one that will shape me, benefit me, and push me to become the person I want to be. These next six weeks are guaranteed to challenge me, but I am ready for the challenges, but I am also ready for the success of a wonderful Pre-College program.


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