Here They Come!

In less than twelve hours, Harvard Pre-College opens its doors to a little less than 550 brilliant, talented, and amazing kids from around the world. Tonight is full of last minute preparations, hanging up door decorations, cleaning my room, and getting the halls in beautiful condition for the residents.

I am so excited to meet all of them, and cannot wait to show them the amazing opportunities Harvard has to explore. For once in my career as a student staff member, I have more male residents than female. Stevenson has always had a high proportion of females to males, but for once the tables are turned. I am so excited to have this new opportunity, and am nervous, but ready!

Door decorations have always been a challenge, but I decided to tie in the reason why they are here. They are hear to expand and challenge their minds, and experience college. With that in mind, I made socks, because we will knock the socks off them. This past week has been challenging just of its own right, and I can only imagine the work that these kids will be putting into their courses, and trying to get a holistic and intensive college experience.

Living in these houses, walking these streets, and interacting with the people has opened my eyes to a new experience. I am so grateful everyday for this amazing opportunity, and know that this will be one of the cornerstones of my career as someone in Higher Education. My RDs are phenomenal, my other Proctors are so amazing, my ACs are kicking butt, and my AD well she gets it done! I give her and the rest of the program staff so much credit.

Expect a new post tomorrow about the first day, and continue to support me on this amazing and novel experience!

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