Today was quite a day. From the pre-check-in jitters, to the massive amounts of questions from parents. Today was something I had never experienced. I am tired, sweaty, and my feet hurt, but I have fifteen residents in their beds ready for the next two weeks.

Many things today changed, and even though the changes were rough, tumble, and everything in between, I am beyond blessed to be part of a team that cares so much about their residents. Every single struggle, obstacle, and oops came with a complimentary “I got you”, “Wait, I know”, and “You got this!”

My residents are truly amazing. Each one has their own back story, and they are completely hip to my humor. I told them today that they need to be kids for once in their lives, so I hope that they do it a little bit here, because they may be the best of the best, but that does not define their identity–so why should it be their only one?

So overall, today was a long, tiring, and successful day. Of course, things will get better in the next go-around, but until then I have the next 2 weeks to become emotionally attached to these fifteen wonderful kids that I am sure will impact me in more ways than I can possibly imagine.

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