This week has most definitely been an experience. I am not sure which words I can use to describe this past week’s events, but I do know that I have learned a lot. From learning how to trust myself and my instincts, to shuttling 150+ kids on a crowded metro, the experiences I have had this week have made me a better person for it!!

I have not posted much simply because so much has happened, and I figured one blog post to summarize it would be better. This week came with challenges, laughs, sighs, and everything in between, but there is nothing better than coming back from an event and being satisfied that you made it back, completed the event, and rocked it all in the process!

This weekend’s trips included Newport, Rhode Island and a Whale Watch at the New England Aquarium. In addition, on Wednesday we went to a Red Sox game, a first for me, and many other Proctors and residents!!

Expect more this week (maybe…most likely), but until then enjoy some pictures!!