1 Down, 2 To Go!

In two days, residents will be on their way home after a successful two weeks at Harvard Pre-College. They will have left with knowledge, friends, experiences, and the most important, a glimpse at what they can achieve in the future. To think that two weeks ago, I did not know these residents apart, but now two weeks, I feel like I understand what they are going through, the accomplishments they have achieved, and what they want for themselves instead of what the world wants for them.

Expectations were surpassed in the first week. Sure, there were some hiccups here and there, but overall, the first session was a success. The residents were energetic, happy, excited to learn, and engaged, something that does not always happen when it comes to working with college students.

I think most importantly, I have learned a lot about the professional I aspire to be. I have started my professional journey already as an undergraduate, and it is surreal to be saying that I am doing so from a room at Harvard University. This journey has not been easy, and I do not expect it to be in the future, but nothing worth it comes easy, and that is the truth.

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