Check Out!!

Loved, feared, awaited, and completed by all, check-outs have yet to escape the lives of Harvard Proctors. Today marks the check-out day for the students in the first session. Aside from having their last 3 hours of class which could have included presentations, exams, projects, or any combination of the aforementioned, residents are expected to get out and go home, much like the traditional college experience.

I never thought that the past two weeks would impact me like it did. These kids I have had the privilege of working with are amazing. For the sake of privacy, I will leave names out, but just know that each one had an impact on me. Whether it was to live a little more, love a little harder, or remain in your zone, each one truly taught me something.

In addition to check-out, I met up with a new friend! One thing about my ResLife department at Stevenson is that they will go above and beyond to make sure we are set for our future. My AD did just that, and set me up with a former colleague who just happens to be at Harvard too! We talked, laughed, and enjoyed ourselves over some nice sandwiches from a local cafe right down the road from where I am staying this summer.

Needless to say it was an amazing conversation that ended up validating some doubts I had coming into the program, the school, and even my Senior Year of college. I have no doubt we will be having many more conversations in the future, especially as Graduate School applications begin rolling out.

Today was a grand success. Former students became friends, strangers became mentors, and I continued being me.

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