Round Two

Tomorrow is our check-in for Session 2. Door decorations are up, my whiteboard is finally sticking to the wall, and I am pretty much settled into my new digs. Part of working in a fast-paced environment is being adaptable to change. That change for me occurred in the form of moving because of the way residents were assigned. Between moving, meetings, and a very important Target run, my day today was very relaxing and chill.

I am so excited for this session. After working out lots of the kinks we had in Session 1, I am feeling so much better for the next four weeks. In addition, a group of us has been asked to work with the Activity Coordinators to help with programming and logistics. In my experience with ResLife and Development, I have experience in both, but this opportunity is great as I am working with some amazing other Proctors.

Even though my view is not as nice anymore, I am super excited to be on the third floor of the low rise. The Tower had its quirks, but I think being in a building with halls will make building community so much more better.

I cannot wait to see what this next session brings, and am so excited for the experiences, interactions, and emotions that come with it. Session Two, I am ready for you. Time to start off strong!!

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