Small Town Troubles: My Take On Riverdale

This week I have completely binged on Riverdale, a teen-drama aimed at exploring the small town of Riverdale and its plentiful bouts of drama, angst, and murder (all in that order). The truth of the matter is that for some small towns, that is the environment that kids, teens, and adult grow up in.

As someone who grew up in both a city and a small-town, I cannot fathom the amount of drama that occurs in this series. Between the murders, lying, secrets, and everything in between, it is both exciting to watch as an outsider and sad to watch as someone who knows the small-town experience firsthand.

Riverdale, as a series bring to light the very troubles teens face in our time. Although hyperbolized at times, the family, friends, and life drama are all very real aspects of the existence of young adults in today’s society.

In the very last episode of Season 1, Betty Cooper, one of the leads asks the question “Who is Riverdale?” in an attempt to shed the facade that only those who belong should exist within the town. In a very ugly reality, the truth is revealed that every single person–good or bad–is a part of the town.

The show does an excellent job at highlighting the very real issues that young adults face in high school. From bullying, sexual harassment, finding your identities, and even dealing with the dissolution of your typical “family”. the show creates that connection to the real-life high school student experience. Obviously, the murder, secrets, and drugs are not a part of the typical high school experience, it is a reality certain populations of students face.

Does it always make sense at times? No. Is it thrilling to watch? It sure is! Does it call to attention certain key issues facing our teens? In some regards. Overall, Riverdale is a great show with entertainment value, suspense, and humor to guide us across the very windy road of the characters’ coming of age.

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