As the second week of Session 2 is in full gear, yesterday was an amazing day to reflect on all the wonderful things this internship has given me.

For one, I will leave here having 48 new people to call my friends, mentors, and supporters. All 39 other Proctors have been absolutely amazing. Our personalities, learning styles, leadership styles, and everything that makes us all unique all blend together and allow us to accomplish so much together. The RDs have been absolutely amazing as well! Both Nada and Kevin, my two supervisors have always been there for endless support and have pushed me to become a better Proctor, person, and friend! The Activity Coordinators have been such an integral part of my experience as a Proctor. I ventured into this experience not sure what I wanted to do within Student Affairs and Higher Education. It turns out that large-scale programs, and doing logistics within programming is something I really enjoy. Working with the ACs has been something that I really am grateful for. Not only do I get to see the hard work they do, but I get to venture into a new area of HESA I really did not have much experience in. Lastly, the two full-time professional staff members have been amazing. They have supported us in everything we do since the day we got here. Our Assistant Director, Bes has been someone who always tries to help us better ourselves. I am so thankful for her, and this program.

The more time I spend in this program, the more self-reflection I find myself involved in. This has been a wild ride for sure, but every single memory, laugh, and smile has been all worth it. Yesterday was a great day. It was Nada’s birthday, and was a great day to just be in the now, and be present.


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