Moving Backwards

Today, President Trump issued a statement that people who identify as transgender will not be able to serve in the United States Military. What exactly does this mean?

15,000 patriotic individuals are left without a job and declared ineligible for service.

I am no expert in military science, but I am fairly decent when it comes to numbers. I know that almost 15,000 people will not be able to serve in the military, which regardless of if you are fighting on the front-lines or doing work here stateside, losing 15,000 dedicated, courageous, and amazing people is a lot.

I also know that calling their medical care disruptive and unmanageable is a crime of humanity. We live in a world where the federal government pays for old men to get care for the penises, yet the hormone injections are too much. It is unbelievable for me that a man who claims he is a President for the people would stoop to such egregious lows as to discriminate a whole population from doing something they should be able to do? Oh wait, he has spent his whole presidency thus far doing exactly that.

Transgender individuals choosing to join the United States Military are making the same conscious decision that every other cisgender individual makes. They know that there could be a chance they will not come home, but they make that choice anyway because they feel compelled to better the country that they live in.

The United States Military is often regarded as one of the world’s biggest families. They look out for their own. Whether we see it in person, or in the news, military looks out for military. Sure there are competitions between each branch, but the support is still often unwavering. Telling almost 15,000 people that they do not get to be a part of that family for living their lives the way they want to is despicable. Justifying the move by saying medical treatment is too expensive is just plain false.

By telling 15,000 people they are not good enough to serve in the nation’s military is a move that undermines the very foundation of this country: a sense of family and connection. Sure, not everyone feels that way with each other, but this country was started on the grounds of freedom both religious and personal. These dedicated men, women, and people who choose to serve in their respective capacities are not looking for the limelight; they are looking for a world that treats them with respect and dignity, something that the Executive Branch is horrifically failing at, and has been since January.

We as a country are not new to reform and change. We will make this world a better place, and we will do so with the pride in our souls and the sweat on our hands. Radical decisions like these put our country in a state of rapid disarray. An idiotic move by well, someone who does not understand the very meaning of our country as a normal person living in America would.

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