This past week has been nothing but excitement! As Session 3 is officially half way done, all 40 Proctors are 500 residents are coming to the end of their Harvard experiences. With one week left, and the weekend activities here, my week is nothing short of packed to the top!

This past Thursday, I had my last and final formal program: Cand(y)id Cards! This program was different from the other two I put on in previous sessions, as it was community service based. I teamed up with a local family shelter, and myself and all of my residents made cards to give to the kids on their first day of school, as well as general uplifting and motivational cards for the families! It was an event I had not thought to do in the past, and it turned out being absolutely fantastic. The family shelter I worked with was the Hildebrand Family Self-Help Center, a Cambridge-based family organization that not only provides fantastic clinical care, but also has 11 permanent housing complexes, and hopes to acquire more!

Cambridge is such a unique city in that it has two prodigal schools on either side of the Charles River: Harvard and MIT. Just from that alone, real estate and the cost of living within Cambridge is disproportionate to the rest of eastern Massachusetts. Even with the two schools, homelessness is still a rampant issue within Cambridge. Every day while walking to the Yard I see it before my eyes. People of all backgrounds struggling to find a safe place to sleep, their next meal, and how will they support themselves and their loved ones.

In total, we made 153 cards for the center. It was great to be able to do something positive with my residents, but also bond with them on a more personal level. Working with the shelter was absolutely fantastic, and I could not thank them more for being supportive, energetic, accommodating in what we specifically wanted to do!

They are always looking for support, so please help out if you can!! They are a great organization working with a great population!

Weekend activities include a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts, and a Canobie Lake, an amusement park in Salem, NH. I am so thankful for what this experience has taught me, but I cannot wait to be back in Baltimore starting my Senior Year!!


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