The Final Week

Six weeks ago, if you told me that this experience would go by as quickly as it did, I would not believe you. For me, this experience has been one of the most transformative of my life. I learned so much about myself, and so much about what I want to do within Higher Education and Student Affairs.

I will post a longer synopsis of my whole experience when the internship itself is over, but I learned three major things while I was here. They are truly things that I need to remember throughout the course of the rest of my professional and student-bound career.

  1. Self-care. No matter what. I know self-care is important, but I guess I did not know how much it was important. Perhaps, I am just comfortable enough at SU to recharge whenever I want, but here it was a challenge, and I had to actively remind myself that I needed to take care of myself before I could take care of 15 gifted high schoolers.
  2. Just be present. Again, another common sense rule, but in all honesty, I felt like there was a large portion of my time spent trying to fit into this expectation that I had for myself without really giving it much thought. I did not know what to expect from this experience. Many of the other Proctors knew people and worked with alums of the program. I lost myself for a bit, but found myself–it just took some time.
  3. Know yourself. Self-explanatory. Know what irritates you, and what gives you headaches. Know what gets you pumped up. The support and guidance you want is only established once you establish it yourself.

I would not change the past 6 weeks for anything. The ups, downs, highs, and lows all made it the experience that I needed it to be. The next question is: What comes after Harvard?

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