Today I spent my day taking care of myself. After going for seven weeks at Cambridge to coming back to Stevenson for a week of training, the self-care was much needed. Aside from finally getting able to sleep in (thank goodness), the other SRAs of the UCS (Upperclass Suites–not Unconditioned Stimulus) and our amazing RD went and got the finishing touches for our goodie bags. Going through two weeks of training is tough, and we as SRAs understand it as we have gone through it before. I have learned that it is the little recognition throughout the process that makes a greater difference.

The title is what it is because at the Dollar Store, there were so many whiteboards. Anyone who is Residence Life, or does anything with college students knows the importance of whiteboards. They provide that little insight that people need whether it is a positive quote, a large and colorful welcome sign (like mine is now), or just something that is going on the community–again it is the little things that make a greater difference. As Tom Rath puts it, the small wins achieve a greater outcome!

Today also consisted of catching up with a friend. I will be the first one to admit that when I am busy, I tend to withdraw and isolate myself a little bit, but the good thing about my friends is that they understand it and acknowledge it. It was absolutely fantastic being able to catch up with her today, as it was much needed for the both of us.

I am so excited for RA training. From presentations to just bonding time, I am so ecstatic and pumped for all the opportunities that will be coming our way in the next two weeks. I have lots of hope for this staff and what we will accomplish this year, so here is to an amazing year!!

Expect lots of pictures through training!!