Smaller Circles

"When my circle got smaller, my vision got clearer" -Trent Shelton

Friends are important. There is no argument there. They provide us with support, tough love, laughs, cries, and they unconditionally accept us. I would love to say that I still have the same friends I started college with. Some have stayed, some have left, but I really have no hard feelings. It happens. Life happens. We grow because we need it at that point in time.

Today I realized how close my circles are. When I mean circles I mean the people I tell everything to. I realized that if you are my friend and I am comfortable with you–you are my family and that is that. I realized during training that my circles have significantly shrank since the beginning of my college experience. They have even gotten smaller in the past 6 months. Regardless, I had this pivotal moment where I realized that my circle is my circle and no one can take that from me. That knowledge, and assurance that my friends are my friends makes my support the way I need it to be. And if in two months or two years my circle changes that is okay because we grow. We are supposed to grow. That is just what it is.

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