Always Changing – My Current Projection

We are told from a very young age that life is always full of constants, and that some things will just always stay the same no matter what–like taxes. One thing we are not told is that how much of our lives we will spend changing what we think is best for us. Not the normal changing our minds, but changing what we think we need to do to be successful. Over the past few months, I have thought largely about that, and came to the conclusion that the path I was headed on was not where I wanted to be.

Now I am not referring to my plan to pursue graduate school for Higher Education, but I am no longer taking the GRE. As someone who has struggled with standardized tests since the day he took his first one, it is a huge relief financially, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Anyone who knows me understands that standardized tests do not reflect my abilities at all. I have no clue whether it is the environment, the test itself, or the expectation that I have to succeed, I just always do very poorly.

There are so many schools that have fantastic programs that do not need the GRE, and those will be the ones I am applying to. A program not having a GRE requirement also does not make it a bad program, it just makes it more accessible. Not everyone is going to have the luxury of taking the GRE, and often times those who want to go into HESA are people who want to see higher education for all, and not just those who can afford it.

Right now, I am feeling okay with the decision. I know later down the line, I will most likely have to take the GRE because I intend to get a terminal degree, but for now I intend to be present for my Senior Year of college and not worry about the added and unnecessary stress that taking the test would do to me. I know where I am right now, and no one else but me knows this, so I need to be better at recognizing that this is for me, and not anyone else.

So for the next semester, I intend to do some heavy research on non-GRE schools (so many good ones), and will apply to those in the Fall. It is a rapid and crazy change that I just put myself in, but it is one that I needed to do for me, so I am.

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