Dreamers & All They Dream

As someone who goes to a fairly diverse school, it pains me to know that my peers, friends, and fellow students are afraid to live the lives they choose. Because of decisions made by the current administration, DACA which helped millions of people start a better life will be disbanded.

For many if not all, DACA was their last chance to get a better life. Based on choices they made, they had the courage and faith to drop everything in the situation that they were in and move to a country where they would to start over. Regardless of documentation status, the people who utilized DACA as a resource are people, and that is the basic premise of this–we need to help people.

As people who were born here or became citizens, we have privilege, and we must use it to help our fellow humans! I will never understand the experience of someone who came to this country to gain a better life. What I can do is understand their frustration, fear, and give them what they need and support them in this time of uncertainty.

Be educated on this topic. Know that in order to use DACA, you could not have a criminal record, or that Dreamers pay an estimated $11.4 billion in income taxes. Also, understand that Dreamers cannot utilize the social safety net our country has, and last but not least, Dreamers are just like any other person–beautiful, intelligent, and kind people just looking to make their lives the best as possible.

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