Higher Education is a constantly changing frontier that brings with it the good, the bad, and the ugly. Many resources exist to ensure that the history of our educational system is not covered by the red-tape, bologna sandwiches, and bureaucracy that exists among many institutions across the world. One of these resources is The Chronicle of Higher Education, and its impact on this ever-changing frontier is nothing short of profound.

The Chronicle boasts a wealth of information that can be changed and articles that make you rethink what you already know about the current system of higher education. One thing that I truly appreciate about it is the amount of information that is available about events and trends happening now.

For example, on the homepage alone, there were several stories about DACA and the responses from various institutions and how they relate to the overarching theme of student life. Many stories come with valuable perspectives from professors that have not only extensive research on the topic, but have a personal connection with the program.

In one article, “With DACA in Doubt, This Counselor to Latino Students Is Busier Than Ever”, writers explain the long-term effects of what DACA has on the campus communities, specifically those in a community where a large majority of the students are Latinx. These stories along with many others are filed under the “Students” tab, which says a lot. Higher Education is about the students, so it makes sense that these stories are affecting students.

Even beyond students, there are sections for faculty, administrators, and even a section called “The Ticker” that has breaking news from “all corners of academe”. Who would have thought that Higher Education would be so breaking news in nature?

One aspect of The Chronicle that is very sad yet important is a Title IX tracker. This has become an unfortunate reality in colleges and universities. We see certain cases make the national news, but many if not all never see the outside of the institution they arose from. Although the purpose of the tracker is to educate, it has its role in policy as well, allowing administrators to change their policies to address the needs of the school and to ensure that affected persons are treated with dignity and respect.

Overall, The Chronicle is a great resource to allow people in higher education to educate themselves, and to create a more successful environment for their students. Many resources like this exist, but this one goes the extra mile to ensure that people are heard. I just wish the price was a little more college-friendly!


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