Another conference in the books! Today, I was grateful enough to attend MCPA’s Fall Conference. MCPA is the Maryland Chapter of the ACPA: College Student Educators International. I was able to attend through my amazing Residence Life & Housing department. Not only was I able to attend the conference, but four of my amazing mentors were able to present. Their presentations varied from examining privilege, having those uncomfortable conversations, utilizing technology to engage mass-student populations, and residential curriculum.

The Keynote Speaker was fantastic, and I am glad I was able to see him speak. Before I knew it, it was off the first session where I got the know-how on graduate school and the application process. The presenter, a Stevenson alum, definitely hit the mark! The second session was a great presentation about racial justice and decolonization, but specifically within the LGBTQ+ community. Not only was this insightful, but hearing other professional and graduate student experiences with advocacy and support of this population was great.

Next was lunch and a graduate fair. Yes, I checked out the schools! Right before the third sessions started, the Executive Board presented awards for professionals and graduate students! One of my amazing mentors, Bonnie, won an award for Outstanding Dedication to the Profession! She definitely deserved this award–and I am glad I got to see her accept it!

The third and fourth sessions were definitely worth the wait. The third session was a overview and discussion on the 2016 Report on Campus Climate and Sexual Violence at Maryland Colleges and Universities. This presentation was not only insightful, but exposed me to some of the data I might come into contact with further down in my graduate and professional career. The fourth session was all about Generation Z!

Generation Z is the generation of people born between 1995-2009. So yes, that means us traditional students in college are not actually Millennials (or Generation Y)! Being one of two Gen Z-ers in the room, it was great to be able to provide input but I loved hearing everyone else’s experiences especially when those sharing were of different generations themselves!

All in all, it was a great experience, and I am glad I was able to experience my second conference! Cannot wait to attend more, but tomorrow is Stevenson’s Homecoming so to sleep I go!




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