So, you stumbled upon a chunk of time that you had no idea existed amass your busy schedule of classes, work, extracurriculars, and self-care. What does this mean? Do you report it to your supervisor and ask for more work? Do you stare at it and wonder how on Earth it stumbled upon you?

Cannot say I️ felt that way this weekend. Aside from completing my second and last weekend on-call rotation of the semester, we had a big conference that NRHH co-sponsored with Student Activities. The conference, Leaderstang, focuses on developing leadership skills in under-class students. Clubs and organizations are required to be here, but the best part of the event is that it gives us a chance to make an impact on freshman and sophomore student lives–especially those who are not your typical leader.

The event has been going great and we are lucky enough to have a great planning team as well as an amazing and supportive administration. Honestly, I️ would not have my weekend any other way. After all, at least when I️ am busy I️ am doing something!


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