Training. I know, right? Who actually can say that they enjoy the grueling hours of work, preparation, scheduling, and getting ready for a new semester? I know that I certainly do!

Being at a small private school, I am blessed to be able to work with 63 other fantastic student staff members, and 7 amazing Professional Staff members who go above and beyond every single day. Training is one of those experiences that if you do not experience it are you even a Resident Assistant? Do you honestly get community if you do not go through two-hour long discussions about who’s bulletin board is more engaging? The point is that training creates an environment full of excitement. Similar to conferences, the hype is there all the time even when it seems low.

There are times where I get back from dinner and I am slumped. Hey that is why we go through an hour of self-care talk in the beginning of the week. Every single thing we learn during training all leads up to us being better at our jobs. Whether your school calls you a RA, CA, or anything in between, training sets the tone for a successful year.

Another amazing thing about training is that you get to learn about other people’s findings. Today, we had a presentation by one our ADs on giving feedback. She pulled information from both “Fierce Conversations” by Susan Scott and “Radical Candor” by Kim Scott. Through the presentation we learned about how to give feedback to our bosses. In the past three years, never would I have imagined us having a training session on something that many of us do regularly. Training is one of those instances where you can bond with everyone around you.

Right before I wrote this, I spent time with my RD looking at cats. Are we getting a Residence Hall mascot? No, but looking at cats was fun and to be honest, it was a great way to unwind the day and be present and focused on something whimsical.

Is it a lot to unpack in one week? Sure it is! Have I actually unpacked my suitcase? You are joking, right? Training is an experience that you cannot really know unless you do it yourself. Take the chance and put yourself out there to be that person who can make that difference in students’ lives.

I am sad that this is my last undergraduate training ever, but I am so excited for the opportunities that will come my way and where I hope to go! Until then I will be in the present making sure my future is bright!!


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