If you have any interest in the news or welfare of people in general, you would have heard something about #MeToo and #TimesUp. Both campaigns are in light of the rampant sexual assault allegations that have come up not only in Hollywood, but the fact that these types of cases are slowly gaining more publicity.

#MeToo was actually a campaign started by Tarana Burke almost a decade ago to connect with survivors of sexual assault. It was a novel and welcomed grassroots movement that gained momentum this year as actress Alyssa Milano called to all survivors to share their stories.

What happens next is arguably some of the most intentional and beautiful mental health support that anyone could have ever thought would happen. Validation from all walks of life. Men, women, friends, family, strangers, and everyone in between from all over the world validated these survivor’s experiences; many for the first time EVER!

#MeToo facilitated the growth of a platform that desensitized people to the taboo around talking about sexual assault and violence. Sorry to break the bubble, BUT gender and sex based discrimination and violence is rampant across the globe. If you were one of the few who believed that this type of stuff only happens to certain people, I think it is time you get some education on the topic.

Just when you thought #MeToo was over, #TimesUp swoops in and takes the stage, disrupting the social feed of almost everyone in modern America. The movement itself: Time’s Up is a direct response to the amount of sexual abuse and harassment that has been going on specifically in Hollywood and the actions of now several well-regarded actors and directors.

Both of these movements started on social media. Almost a decade ago, a woman trying to connect sparked a movement that would turn into something she could have never imagined. Then not even a year later, the celebrities of Hollywood tired of their own not being held accountable marched in solidarity with survivors everywhere not just the ones in Tinseltown.

Regardless of your ideas or thoughts behind the actions of said people, you must realize that sexual assault, dating violence, gender-based discrimination, and every other form of assault, violence, or hate based on the person’s sex or gender identity is wrong.

Remember, speak up and speak out. Know your resources. Know you are cared for and loved for, and remember there are people who will listen to you. Keep going. You got this.


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