A World of Different

I knew prior to coming to Nashville that things would be different, but boy did I realize how different things actually are down here!

Every school has its own way of doing things. Whether it is rooted in tradition, policy, or the “if it is not broke, do not fix it” model, there is always a good rationale behind the reasons why things exist the way they do. Having gone to a school for for years that underwent a tremendous amount of change in a short period of time left me open to the nuances and little differences that exist across college campuses.

Belmont is rooted in the Christian faith meaning there is an expectation for students to behave a certain way. With Belmont being a completely dry campus, this was a big shock to me having come from a community that successfully navigated alcohol in a college setting. Do not get me wrong: Belmont is a great place to learn and grow, but I can definitely understand how someone who is not used to an institution like this can be thrown for a loop. I am still grasping some of the differences and it is very interesting comparing it to Stevenson and even UMass (although I know very little about my future alma mater).

Let me tell you that the campus is outstandingly gorgeous and has some of the best views I have ever seen. Pictures below 🙂


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