Anyone can tell you that mental health is important, and that sometimes you just need time to do you. Almost everyone actively seeks out the time to better themselves personally. Some use nail salons, getting haircuts, trips to the beach, hiking, shopping sprees, and other ways to rebuild that “personal stamina and energy”. Mental health is a phrase that has brought people hope, fear, and a wide array of other emotions. It is also something that should never be taken lightly as we all have our own boundaries and obstacles.

Mental health is something that impacts us every single day. It alters us physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and attaches to not only every salient identity we have, but to our subconscious ones as well–making it all that harder to understand. There is no such thing as perfect mental health.

Striving for your personal best is an option, however; you must understand that mental health sits on a scale. This scale will never be level, and will always tilt to one side. This happens as we will always have something that we are giving more effort, time, and mental capacity. If we are studying for a test, we put more focus on that the other things around us (maybe putting things on the back burner to address at a later time). For other people, this scale is always shifting and going back-and-forth. This is the problem that many young adults have. They can manage their mental health but when it rapidly shifts between two major components of the self, we lose control and the ability to regulate the constant changes. Instead of us telling it when to switch, our minds do it for us; not giving us any time to prepare for the shift to gain the sought after positive resolution.

Steven Aitchison once said:

“Emotional pain is not something that should be hidden away and never spoken about. There is truth in your pain, there is growth in your pain, but only if it’s first brought out into the open.”

The wonderful thing about mental health is that there is a universal desire to be constantly happy. To the self, that is the major goal in life–to create unconditional and perpetual happiness. As wonderful as it sounds, it is not easy and often costs us time, money, and relationships in the process of finding this non-existent middle-ground.

So why is mental health important? It enables us to be us, but can also cause some of our greatest challenges. Without supportive family, friends, and peers, managing mental health can feel like the worst job in the world. Even though you know everyone is going through it, you always end up feeling like it is you versus the world. Utilize those resources to guide you and help you. Seek solace in the things that you enjoy and make you happy. Our mental health will always change; there is always that guarantee. Our lives are constantly changing, and as should our mind.

We can be better when it comes down to being better people. Take every step possible to better yourself, but never forget that mental health is dynamic and changes as much as we do as people.


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