Thanks for dropping by my site! I am Luke and I am a twenty-one year old Master’s student attempting to find my way in the complex environment that is higher education. Blessed to have an opportunity to make a difference, my goal is simple: To educate others and ensure student safety, well-being, and enrichment.

I knew I wanted to do something in education when I was a kid. I could not imagine myself being a conventional teacher (props to everyone who is though!). I needed some more tactile, formative, and human-to-human. Upon becoming a RA, I realized that this realm of Student Affairs existed within post-secondary education. Low and behold, four years later here I am on the way to becoming a professional within Student Affairs.

Identifying as a first-generation college student, support was not something that I found so quickly in college. I actively looked for it, and found positive results. As a professional, I want to be able to interact with students on a realistic level; leaving behind my personal biases to attend to them as students and as people. College students are often not given the chance to prove that they are human–perhaps that contributes to a culture where any attention is good attention.

I hope you stay and browse for a bit. Please feel free to contact me should you want to. I am almost an open-book. Maybe not on this public of a forum, but get to know me, you might be shocked.

Be bold. Be brave. Be you.