Hi Friends!

My name is Luke. I am a Senior Psychology major at Stevenson University, a small and private university right outside Baltimore. I spent my life and grew up in a small town in Connecticut, so small town vibes are common for me. What I want is something bigger, and probably better!

Through high school, I always knew I was missing something. I had good grades, good friends, and an all-around good time. It would not be until college where I learned that what I was missing was actually something inside me the whole time: A sense of purpose.

College is and was fun, but I soon realized that my calling was in college. Higher Education became the dream, and I intend to reach it. Summer of 2017 entails me going to Harvard for an internship in Residence Life, and the Fall of 2017 entails me as an Intern for our Director of Student Support. These two positions have and most certainly will define me as a professional, student, and person!

I am an open-book. If you ask, I will most likely tell. I take that mantra simply because life is full of endless opportunities to learn, and we are all capable of contributing something to someone, even if we do not think it. Enjoy my posts, and remember to be positive and bring positive change into your community. We most certainly need it!