Where Am I Now?

Four years ago I was not in a good place. I had self-doubts higher than I could have ever imagined. Nothing made sense to me, but education was what I was used to so I rolled with it. I had no expectations for college. I am a first-generation college student. My parents kind of had [...]

Full Swing

Not even a week into the academic year, and I am already hitting the ground running. Between classes, Field Placement, Internship, and all the other experiences I have happening this year, I am truly blessed to be where I am surrounded by so many amazing people. All of my classes so far have been amazing, [...]

Smaller Circles

"When my circle got smaller, my vision got clearer" -Trent SheltonFriends are important. There is no argument there. They provide us with support, tough love, laughs, cries, and they unconditionally accept us. I would love to say that I still have the same friends I started college with. Some have stayed, some have left, but [...]

Go For It!!

For the first two years of my college experience, I was afraid to take risks. I never really thought that I would accomplish much, and here I am doing everything that I love. I learned from amazing supervisors who pushed me and supported me that sometimes you just have to go for it. Screw the [...]