Day 1

Well Day 1 is done! After a long travel here and an interesting greeting from the good Nashville heat, I have finished my first day as an Intern for Belmont! Already, it feels like family. Not only is everyone real with each other, it is a departmental expectation to advocate for yourself. In Student Affairs [...]

Why I LOVE Training

Training. I know, right? Who actually can say that they enjoy the grueling hours of work, preparation, scheduling, and getting ready for a new semester? I know that I certainly do! Being at a small private school, I am blessed to be able to work with 63 other fantastic student staff members, and 7 amazing [...]

Conference Recap!!

Conference Recap!!

Another conference in the books! Today, I was grateful enough to attend MCPA's Fall Conference. MCPA is the Maryland Chapter of the ACPA: College Student Educators International. I was able to attend through my amazing Residence Life & Housing department. Not only was I able to attend the conference, but four of my amazing mentors [...]