Why I LOVE Training

Training. I know, right? Who actually can say that they enjoy the grueling hours of work, preparation, scheduling, and getting ready for a new semester? I know that I certainly do! Being at a small private school, I am blessed to be able to work with 63 other fantastic student staff members, and 7 amazing [...]

HMU In October

Well, here it is folks: My first week of my Senior Year is in the books!! What a great, crazy, challenging, and all over the place week it was. I started my internship, secured research opportunities, decided to apply to a regional conference, and all the while did not burn my building to the ground!! [...]

Full Swing

Not even a week into the academic year, and I am already hitting the ground running. Between classes, Field Placement, Internship, and all the other experiences I have happening this year, I am truly blessed to be where I am surrounded by so many amazing people. All of my classes so far have been amazing, [...]