Why I LOVE Training

Training. I know, right? Who actually can say that they enjoy the grueling hours of work, preparation, scheduling, and getting ready for a new semester? I know that I certainly do! Being at a small private school, I am blessed to be able to work with 63 other fantastic student staff members, and 7 amazing [...]

Smaller Circles

"When my circle got smaller, my vision got clearer" -Trent SheltonFriends are important. There is no argument there. They provide us with support, tough love, laughs, cries, and they unconditionally accept us. I would love to say that I still have the same friends I started college with. Some have stayed, some have left, but [...]

Whiteboards For Dayzz

Today I spent my day taking care of myself. After going for seven weeks at Cambridge to coming back to Stevenson for a week of training, the self-care was much needed. Aside from finally getting able to sleep in (thank goodness), the other SRAs of the UCS (Upperclass Suites--not Unconditioned Stimulus) and our amazing RD [...]